Look down.












There once was a mermaid

in depths of the sea

she knew what she wants

but not where to be.


She puts on a mask

just an everyday task 

to hide 

the monster inside.


And then the colours came in and demanded their space. 




I’ve always loved creating worlds. 

Especially the creatures within.

First I was doing it for myself, then I started to wish I could share it with others too. I want to show you unimaginable beings inside my head, the ones I don’t know a name for. Mermaids and beasts, and so much more. Beautiful and creepy, standing side by side.

So I started pouring my imagination on paper in different forms. My book is published, the second one is in the process of making. However, I always equally wanted to share my drawings too. They unveil the world that does not exist in the reality we yet know and somehow I find that very hopeful. If there was no mystery, no secret, no unknown –  what would be the meaning of our life? In our known existence we move from birth to death, and what makes every day worth living is curiosity: we never know exactly what will happen to us after we open our eyes in the morning. If we knew everything we will see and do and experience from the first day of our lives until the very last, would we even want to live?


Yours truly,