Bom dia amigos! 🙂 Currently, I am located in the beautiful old city of Lisbon, where I am exploring the architecture, museums, art, food, cafes and all other great things Portugal has to offer. I also want to use this time to do something creative and meaningful – so I decided I’ll make a series of interviews with ambitious, creative and inspiring young people that I am meeting every day, in hope I’ll entertain you and provide you with fun and motivational stories from people around the world.

Here is the third interview with Luka Šinkovec – cosmopolitan traveller and businessman from my own country, Slovenia.

Tell me a little bit about yourself – who you are, where do you come from and what is your profession.

Greetings, most people call me by my travel nickname Lucky, but officially my name is Luka Šinkovec, I would say I am a holistic visionary and a daydreamer, traveller, a good friend and the person who smiles at you on the street. The boring version is that I am a student of International Business.

What is that skill or talent that makes you unique?

I disagree that a “skill” or “talent” makes you unique, the drive behind the talents and skills. however, now that is unique to you and you alone. Otherwise, I consider myself proficient in Emotional Intelligence, presentations, project management and learnability.

When did you start developing your talent?

Subconsciously I have been reading up on my interest areas ever since I got access to the internet, so when I was 10. Consciously though, about 2 years ago.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

It is hard to predict where I will see myself in a year, much less in 5. It depends on the opportunities that I will discover along the way in the big wide world. However, if I could choose, I will not be in my home country of Slovenia. I love my country, but I believe I can serve her best, to gain as much experience abroad, build the reputation of Slovenia in the International waters, and then come back in 5-10 years, full of valuable wisdom, knowledge, and experience, to give it all to the next generations.

Who or what is your greatest inspiration?

As funny and juvenile as it may sound, my inspirations mostly originate from video games (Bioshock/Fallout 3/Okami) and movies such as Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings among others. I find that these mediums challenge you with different idealisms and difficult moral dilemmas. Apart from that, the hundreds of different people I have met on my travels, their lifestyles, and beliefs.

What do you want to achieve?

Difficult to answer if you do not know what drives you, but in my case, I wish to combat what will soon be the number 1 disease in the world through the power of economics and business, depression. There are many ways on how to go about doing that. By being a ‘teacher, a social entrepreneur, a policy maker or just as being myself.

Do you believe you can bring a change in this world?

I do believe I achieve a change in this world, and I already have. I may not be in mass media, but those whom I have effected know it, and I will seek better techniques and ways, to build up the change I wish to see, but it always starts with you.

What are your top 3 goals in life?

Peace of Mind, A legacy I can be proud of on my deathbed, To Love.

What do you value?

I value people with concrete values and all those who accept responsibility for their actions, no matter how good or bad.  

How do you find a will to continue after a failure? Were you ever in that kind of position?

Fail only truly happens, if you do not learn from it. Even when you lie heartbroken in a dark part of your mind, observe. Find out why, how, when it happened and allow yourself to change for the sake of winning in the next round. Be a sore loser, allow yourself to lose, but hate it so much you will do anything to win in the future. I have been in a few quite bad positions, physically and mentally, just like everyone else, but I always believed that there is some point in me being here even if I do not know it yet. And I believe I deserve better than staying stuck in a failure.

In Slovenia, I work for a non-profit organization called Zavod Nefiks, where we help young people to evaluate and take advantage of the knowledge that they got through informal education, which helps them get a job. Do you have anything similar in your country?

As someone from Slovenia, I would say not really, however, all people have a talent, or if not a talent, a drive to achieve something, a wish, a dream. A non-profit organization that can give you support to start walking towards your goals has a good standing in my eyes.

Tell me a fun story/anecdote about you.

While on exchange to Tokyo, Japan, my friend from Canada said this to me: “Even if it was my enemy, I would wish for them to have someone like you in their lives.” Sentences like that always a shock, but also come as a sober reminder, that all of your actions have an effect, no matter how small. So if you see a sad face on the street, smile at them, who knows, maybe you just saved a life.

Thank you for your answers. I wish you to find happiness and success in all your future endeavors!


The interview was made in collaboration with Zavod Nefiks – Institute for promotion and recording of informally acquired knowledge from Slovenia. You can read the Slovene translation of the interview on Zavod Nefiks’ page, 

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