Bom dia amigos! 🙂 Currently, I am located in the beautiful old city of Lisbon, where I am exploring the architecture, museums, art, food, cafes and all other great things Portugal has to offer. I also want to use this time to do something creative and meaningful – so I decided I’ll make a series of interviews with ambitious, creative and inspiring young people that I am meeting every day, in hope I’ll entertain you and provide you with fun and motivational stories from people around the world.

Here is the first interview with Konstantin Pollanz – an aspiring young entrepreneur from Austria.


Let’s start with the basics. Tell me a little bit about yourself – who you are, where do you come from and what is your profession.

I’m Konstantin Pollanz, a 24-year-old Austrian guy, who currently does his master in Rotterdam, Holland. But on the side, I also started my own social media agency to sustain my life while studying and traveling. Honestly, I was surprised by how quick and easy it was, but that I know just because I went through it. Before going through it it was scary … but it’s the same with the first love, etc.

What is that skill or talent that makes you unique?

It is difficult to say what makes me unique, but I think the mindset of thinking outside the box fits well because it allowed me to go on a gap year, while doing hardly any work and still sustaining for almost a year of studying in Shanghai and traveling around Asia. Furthermore, it allowed me to capitalize on my social media skills and turning it into a side business. I was not always like that, but nowadays I would say that this mindset lets me stand out.

When did you start developing your talent?

I don’t know exactly when, but I developed this mindset around 3 or 4 years ago, while I give high credits to the student organization AIESEC and that I reconnected with old friends, who shared a similar goal. So I was never really alone on my journey.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

5 years is a long time and I generally don’t like to plan ahead that long, because most parts of the future are quite unpredictable. But in around 5 years I want to work in my own business and make money helping people in a sustainable way. Also finding my dream girl within this 5-year horizon would be amazing.

Who or what is your greatest inspiration?

One of my greatest inspirations is my folks’ man Arnold Schwarzenegger, who worked hard on whatever he set his focus and succeeded in many different domains, from bodybuilding to being the most well-paid actor of Hollywood to be one of the most politically influential people in America. I am not strictly inspired by what he did, but that he could be successful in many different domains and I highly value diversity in my own life as well.

What do you want to achieve?

For now, I want to be of help for people and becoming financially independent to lift off the pressure to succeed that I had since I was a kid. With the later years of my life, I want to give back what I have and be a good role model for my kids.

Do you believe you can bring a change in this world?

Yes, I do, especially related to making the world more sustainable and healthy.

What are your top 3 goals in life?

1: happy family and good friends around

2: seeing the world

3: being able to live independently, especially professionally

What do you value?

I value friendship, respect, reciprocity, success, independence, fun and dignity.

How do you find a will to continue after a failure? Were you ever in that kind of position?

Of course, I have been unsuccessful before, and depending on how interested I was in succeeding I tried again and again. But many times losing also partially took my interest in the subject I wanted to succeed in. I have to admit that I hardly focused on 1 goal only, so when I didn’t succeed I could always distract myself and take away my pressure to perform in this certain subject. I feel that this helped me to stay calm mentally and refocus on achieving my original goal again.

In Slovenia, I work for a non-profit organization called Zavod Nefiks, where we help young people to evaluate and take advantage of the knowledge that they got through informal education, which helps them get a job. Do you have anything similar in your country?

I am not aware of such an organization in Austria, but I assume that we also have one. But I highly appreciate what you do in such an organization since I am also a big believer that a changed mindset can change a life completely. Go on!

Tell me a fun story/anecdote about you.

When I was in Vietnam a random motorbike driver stole my phone, so while feeling pretty bad about it I still had to go to the police station to report the theft. Not only was my Vietnamese translator more tense than me in the police station, but it was just too fun to experience how the policeman played a sweet act of telling me that he can’t file the report on time, but after he asked for some money (and got it from me after a while) the whole ‘act’ was over and we had a really casual chat and he even allowed me to write whatever I want into the report. This allowed me to get all the money back from insurance and also got a fun story to tell throughout my whole life.

Thank you for your answers. I wish you to find happiness and success in all your future endeavors!


The interview was made in collaboration with Zavod Nefiks – Institute for promotion and recording of informally acquired knowledge from Slovenia. You can read the Slovene translation of the interview on Zavod Nefiks’ page, 


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